Friday, September 12, 2008

867-5309 Jenny

This past summer we had a very special houseguest. Jenny Kvarics came from Berlin, Germany to stay. She was a foreign exchange student at Del Norte High School in 2007. We loved having her live with us for the short time she was here. She brought a wonderful, vivacious spirit into our home and she bakes a mean cookie too. Jenny came this summer to visit and SHOP!!! That is one thing I never got to do with the boys, they never wanted to do that. She has one more year of High School left in Germany, and then she is planning to go to Hotel Management School. She speaks German, English, French, and tried Spanish while she was here. She can't seem to get enough of Mexican food, burritos are one of her favorites, and Dairy Queen Blizzards-OREO- were on the top of her to-do list while she was here. She's really a pretty good driver, it was nice to have a chauffeur.

We had a great time with you, Jennifer Jacqueline-we wish you the best and love you very much.

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